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Intellectual Property Law

At Hermon Law, our Intellectual Property Law Practice Division provides legal advisory and support services in all aspects of Intellectual Property Law, including identification, protection and commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP) such as copyright, trademark, patent, designs, trade secrets and digital assets.

These IP services are required by our clients in a wide range of industries, from consumer products to medical and pharmaceuticals, electronic and digital technology, and entertainment. No matter what our clients’ legal needs are, we provide the best representation, based on our ethos and core value of excellence, using the best local and global expertise to deliver cutting-edge legal services.

Our goal is to ensure that not only are our clients’ creations protected from infringements of their intellectual property rights, but that our clients are also well-positioned to enjoy all there is to benefit from their creations.

Our services include:

  • Intellectual Property Advisory

  • Negotiation, Drafting, and Reviewing of IP Contracts and Policies

  • Filing of Applications for Copyright, Trademark, Patent and Design

  • IP Licensing, Franchising and Merchandising

  • Digital Assets Protection

  • IP Enforcement and Dispute Resolution


Intellectual Property Law

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