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Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Hermon Legal Practitioners has a profound understanding of the workings of the Nigerian Capital Market, making it a firm that is well-equipped to advise clients in the Capital Markets industry in Nigeria.

We have a strong client portfolio for whom we handle complex capital markets transactions. Our lawyers have acted for a range of sophisticated private and institutional clients including insurance companies, commercial banks, investment companies, and other institutions on debt and equity-backed financial transactions. We have also acted as Solicitors to various listings both on the Main Board and the Side Board of the Nigerian Exchange Group.

Our firm is a member of the Capital Market Solicitors Association of Nigeria (CMSA), and our Managing Partner, Benjamin Obidegwu, served as the president of the Association for two years. Our lawyers are also registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as Capital Market Solicitors and, as such, are well-positioned to take care of your capital market transactions.

Our law firm’s broad range of capital market experience and expertise encompasses:

  • Public and Private Securities Offerings

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

  • Public and Private Equity, and Venture Capital

  • Public and Private Offerings of Foreign Companies

  • Securities Exchange Listings

  • Cash and Debt Tender Offers

  • Structured Products and Hybrid Securities

  • Trust Preferred Securities

  • Bonds

  • Convertible Debt

  • Stock Exchange Listings

  • Collective Investment Schemes

  • Investment Funding

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