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Energy and Natural Resources

We are navigating Legal Challenges in

an ever-evolving Energy & Natural Resources Sector


Optimize Tax Strategy and Manage Tax Risk for 
Business Profit Maximization

Our Approach

We combine the best of local and global expertise to deliver cutting-edge legal services

About us

Hermon Law is a full-service corporate and commercial law firm.

Our Selected Experience

Solicitors to the issuer in the N4.5 Trillion Debt Issuance Programme of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria

Our Selected Experience

Lead Solicitor to the investor in the US$5 Million Acquisition of Mauritius-based Global License Company

Our Selected Experience

Legal and transactional advisor to core investors in the N5 Billion Nigerian Gaming Industry Investment portfolio

Our Selected Experience

Tax Litigation Counsel to one of the leading commercial banks in Africa, successfully defended a tier one commercial bank in N150 BILLION Tax Litigation

Our Selected Experience

Litigation Counsel to leading players in Nigeria’s Energy and Natural Resources Industry including NNPC Limited, NIMASA

Our Selected Experience

Transactional advisor to one of the leading media and entertainment groups of companies in Nigeria

Our Selected Experience

Solicitors to the Listing on the Main Board and the Side Board of the Nigeria Exchange Group in seed capital.

Our Selected Experience

Solicitor to a Concessionaire in a multi-billion Concession agreement with a leading first-generation Federal University in Nigeria.

Our Selected Experience

Transactional Advisor to a Company investing in the acquisition of Jetty and Tank Farm in Nigeria.

Our Selected Experience

External Solicitors to the Federal Inland Revenue Service in high profile tax litigation matters

Our Selected Experience

​Solicitors and Labour Law Counsel to a leading Oil and Gas Company listed on the Nigerian Exchange (NGX)

Our Services

At Hermon Law, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of legal services designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Hermon’s Corporate and Commercial Law Practice Division provides expansive and proactive business and legal advisory services to institutional and private clients.

Capital Markets

Hermon Legal Practitioners has a profound understanding of the workings of the Nigerian Capital Market, making it a firm that is well-equipped to advise clients in the Capital Markets industry in Nigeria.


Hermon is at the forefront of an ever-evolving Tax landscape in the Nigerian business scene. As a leading law firm with a distinguished tax practice in Lagos, we devise and develop tax strategies for our clients that can easily fit into the tax regime of the Nigerian government.

Property and Real Estate

The real estate industry is thriving, both locally and globally. An essential and considerably dependable asset class, investors are looking to reap the benefits of real estate investments.

Employment and Industrial Relations Law

At Hermon Legal Practitioners, we are dedicated to being a legal step ahead in our Employment Advisory services.

Energy & Natural Resources

In a volatile, ever-changing environment, the Energy and Natural Resources sector continues to offer exciting opportunities and challenges.

Maritime Law

The real estate industry is thriving, both locally and globally. An essential and considerably dependable asset class, investors are looking to reap the benefits of real estate investments.

Media and Entertainment Law

The African media and entertainment markets are growing rapidly, and Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million, is a large and promising market. At Hermon Law, our Media and Entertainment Law Practice Division provides bespoke legal advisory and support services in all areas of the Media and Entertainment sector.

Intellectual Property Law

At Hermon Law, our Intellectual Property Law Practice Division provides legal advisory and support services in all aspects of Intellectual Property Law, including identification, protection and commercialisation of Intellectual Property.

Statutory and Regulatory Advisory

At Hermon, we are committed to ensuring that our clients are constantly in compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements and obligations.

Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution is the dispute resolution mechanism of choice for many sophisticated international and local clients.

Hermon Legal Practitioners (Hermon Law) is a “full service” corporate and commercial law firm with experience in the provision of legal services in the areas of Labor and Employment Law, Taxation, Energy, and Natural Resources as well as other areas of Legal Practice.

About Us


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About Us

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